Making textbooks affordable, accessible, and adaptable for students.

The University Press of Florida (UPF) and the Orange Grove Digital Repository (OGR) have formed Orange Grove Texts Plus (OGT+), a collaboration that builds on the strengths of a traditional publisher, a digital repository, and a print-on-demand printer to offer high-quality, affordable, adaptable, and accessible textbooks to faculty and students in an electronic world.

Click the "This would be a good OGT+ book" next to any open textbook in the repository if are interested in having it made available to your students as a print on demand textbook.

OGT+ and The Orange Grove Open Textbooks Collection

The OGT+ book collection is a subsection of the open textbooks available in The Orange Grove Repository. As part of The Orange Grove review process, the staff at the University Press of Florida (UPF) reviews each open textbook to determine if it is a good candidate for offering and on-demand print format. 

OGT+ delivers access to a wide range of free, online, open textbooks in a choice of bound book formats. These books are priced at 40-50% less than similar textbooks purchased at retail outlets, including online discounters. The content of open textbooks generally is licensed to allow anyone to use, download, customize, or print without expressed permission from the author.  Open textbooks are available online for free, so all students have equal access to the content. Open textbooks can also be downloaded and printed to accommodate different instructional preferences.

In addition, OGT+ contains other scholarly works published by the University Press of Florida. These are also available for viewing and as a print on demand purchase from within OGT+, with more titles added on a continuing basis.

Our Goals

1) reduce the cost of textbooks and related instructional materials for high enrollment general education courses by at least 40%
2) empower faculty to offer the best possible textbooks and instructional resources for their courses
3) allow students to interact with their textbooks and instructional resources in the format that they choose: order a print-on-demand textbook in black and white or color, print all or part of the textbook at no cost, download the textbook, and access the textbook online at no cost.



By using an OGT+ textbook, students will have the choice of how they want to access their textbook. Textbooks can be freely viewed and downloaded from The Orange Grove Repository, so many students may opt to read the text online.   For those who prefer a hard copy, some or all of the downloaded pages can be printed for free on students’ own printers.   Or, if they prefer, students can use the site’s one-click ordering to order a paperback copy of the book printed, bound, and shipped directly to their home for about half the cost of traditional textbooks.


OGT+ opens a new realm of possibilities for customized classroom material. Instructors can now use OGT+ textbooks in their entirety.  Instructors can add a link to the online version of their textbook directly into their course web page within their learning management system.  They will also be able to access additional materials in The Orange Grove, which gives them the flexibility to create and consume information presented in text, audio, video, animation or other multimedia files. 

Webinars and Events

Interested in participating in a webinars or events related to OGT+ and The Orange Grove repository? Learn about the OGT+ and open textbooks webinars provided by visiting the Events area of The Orange Grove area of this site for details.