1. What are the differences between open access textbooks and e-textbooks?

    Open Text booksare freely accessible digital textbooks that can be read, self-printed or downloaded from any computer with internet access.  In addition, students may be able to order a commercial “print on demand” copy of an open textbook at 40-60% of the cost of a similar commercially available textbook.  Often, both black and white and color editions are available.  A modest fee may be included in the cost of printed texts, or attached to a course if a printed textbook is used.

    eTextbooks are electronically enhanced commercial publisher textbooks which include similar content to traditional textbooks, however,  there are often costs and restrictions related to access.  For example, students usually may access or download the textbook from a single computer over a period of time, such as 120 or 180 days, with access expiring at the conclusion of the allotted period.  Other restrictions may apply to the number of pages that can be printed at one time.  eTextbooks are usually consumable, meaning that students cannot easily share them with or sell them to other students after using them.

  2. Have OGT+  items gone through a peer review or quality review?
    Many texts have been through a formal, independent peer review, but some have had only informal peer reviews by the author’s colleagues.  Information about the extent and type of peer review will be available in the descriptive information that is attached to each OGT+ item via The Orange Grove repository
  3. How much will OGT+ books cost?
    Prices vary among textbooks, but these books are priced at 40-50% less than similar textbooks purchased at retail outlets, including online discounters.
  4. How do I search for and use the books at Orange Grove Texts Plus?
    Visit The Orange Grove repository and select the “log in as guest” link. Click “Browse Collections” and then select the Open Textbooks Collection.  You can search for items by keywords, titles, and author names, or browse the textbooks. There are a series of brief online tutorials for using Orange Grove functions available within the repository. Click on ‘Tutorials’ under ‘Home’ on the home page of the repository. These are helpful to orient you to the repository.
  5. If I’m interested in authoring an open access text, whom do I contact?
    Please contact: Kara Schwartz, UPF Acquisitions Assistant, University Press of Florida, 15 NW 15th St., Gainesville, FL 32611.
  6. How will OGT+ affect my campus bookstore?
    The OGT+ print-on-demand printer, Integrated Book Technology,  can print a large number of copies if a bookstore wants to offer them. However, to keep costs low,  the POD publisher can not accept returns. Bookstores can also offer used copies for sale.

    For more information related to bookstores, please contact the University Press orders department at 1-800-226-3822 or via fax at 1-800-680-1955.