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What is Orange Grove Text Plus?

Orange Grove Text Plus (OGT+) is a joint initiative of the University Press of Florida  and The Orange Grove, Florida’s Digital Repository.  The goal of this partnership is to reduce the cost of books to students by offering texts that are affordable, accessible, and adaptable to reader preferences.

"Florida is the nationwide leader in open textbooks with Orange Grove
Texts-Plus, an innovative partnership between the Florida Distance Learning
Consortium Orange Grove Repository and the University Press of Florida.
This partnership addresses the key concern of faculty in using open
resources: Quality. The University Press brings full publisher quality
control, editing, indexing and other services as well as fast,
cost-effective production of bound versions of open textbooks. Other
states and provinces will be looking to Florida as a model for the new
world of modifiable, low cost open textbooks."  
Jacky Hood, Director, Open Textbook Project

Orange Grove Texts Plus delivers access to a wide range of textbooks in a choice of electronic or bound book formats. These books are priced at 40-50% less than similar textbooks purchased at retail outlets, including online discounters.

OGT+ uses open textbooks which are free, online, open-access textbooks. The content of open textbooks generally is licensed to allow anyone to use, download, customize, or print without expressed permission from the author.  Open textbooks are available online for free, so all students have equal access to the content. Open textbooks can also be downloaded and printed to accommodate different instructional preferences. OGT+ also includes a number of scholarly monographs offered for free online access by the University Press of Florida and collaborating authors.

Learn more by watching this YouTube Open Textbook Testimonial from Erik Christensen of South Florida Community College.