Marketing Materials

These materials are freely available for your use and adaptation. We would appreciate you sharing your customized versions or new marketing materials for The Orange Grove.

  1. NROC Content in The Orange Grove (PDF, 285 KB)
    This flyer highlights subject areas and features of this licensed, rich multimedia content from the National Repository for Online Courses.
  2. Request for Online Content Reviewers (PDF, 46 KB)
    This flyer requests faculty reviewers to add descriptive information to NROC multimedia items in the repository. FDLC provides letters of commendation and $20 gift certificates to each reviewer, in recognition of their service.
  3. About The Orange Grove: Handout (PDF, 540 KB)
  4. Video: “About the Orange Grove: Florida's K20 Digital Repository”
    View as embedded Flash video
    Download Quicktime version (19.6 MB)
    Download zipped version (17.3 MB)
    This informational Flash movie (about 3 minutes) demonstrates how digital content can be used to enhance teaching and how educators can use The Orange Grove K20 digital repository to locate and re-purpose existing digital resources to meet their needs. This video is itself an example of re-purposing.
  5. Tutorials: These tutorials can assist users in getting the most benefit from The Orange Grove. To get users started, these topics are especially useful:

Resources Located in the Repository:

Note: You can use any resource by linking to it or downloading it. To download these files from The Orange Grove:

  1. Search for the item
  2. Select View More Details
  3. At bottom of screen, right-click, and select “Save as” (or similar option, depending on your browser) to save a copy.
  • “The Orange Grove: Handout”
    Suitable for reprinting as 2-sided; 4 postcards to a page (PDF, 183 KB)
    One-page flyer (PDF, 540 KB) with the same information as the postcards, but formatted to one page, on one side.
  • Video: “About the Orange Grove: Florida's K20 Digital Repository”
    (ZIP, 17 MB)
  • PowerPoint slide series:
    Using the Orange Grove to Teach With Digital Content (ZIP, 74 MB)
    These PowerPoint slides are designed for a facilitator delivering a face-to-face workshop on using repository content to teach effectively. Components include Facilitator Guide (6 PowerPoint files), Participant Guide (6 PowerPoint files), an Evaluation Form, and a Facilitator Outline and Checklist.
    Workshop objectives:
    1. Describe the benefits of using digital content.
    2. Describe successful strategies to employ digital content.
    3. Describe differences between searching in an open environment vs. a repository.
    4. Use The Orange Grove to search and retrieve resources (hands-on practice).